Hinata Rewards - Season 1

Get Ready For Season 2... We Have Only Just Begun

Actions you take will reward you with EXP points. Those EXP points will be extremely important at a later date.

Trading Volume

Every .005
traded = 1 EXP point

EXP for Listing NFTs

Verified Creators

What is a verified creator? A verified creator is a user that applied to on the marketplace to receive a verified creator role allowing them to create collections and NFTs on Hinata Marketplace.

Verified Creator Mints
Consistent padding :)
(Coming Soon)
Verified Creator Sales
(For NFTs created on Hinata)
Every .001
traded = 1 EXP
Verified Creator Listing
(For NFTs created on Hinata 1 Every 24 Hours)
50 EXP
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